The Scott-Carver Old Thresher's Association and Gas and Steam Festival

| March/April 1976

1511 Iglehart Avenue St. Paul, Minn. 55104

The Annual Scott-Carver Show was held August 9th and 10th at the regular show site about two miles from Jordan, Minnesota, a short distance off Highway 169. The weather being favorable, activity was carried on well this year.

Stack threshing with Bill Olander's outfit, a 32x54 Case separator, with wing feeder, and his 22 HP Advance engine under the care of Jim Mollenhour, engineer, was in progress on Saturday, August 9th when I visited the show.

A Gopher thresher, No. 7, was used for some of the threshing, powered by a gas tractor. The gopher threshing machine was built during the 1920's by a company formed at New Prague, Minnesota. Evidently competition with the big companies was too great, so it failed to survive.

Threshing machines owned by the Scott-Carver Association were used on Sunday, being powered by steam engines and gas tractors.

Ralph Kerkow operated a Rosenthal Steel corn shredder with a 10-20 McCormick Deering tractor. Lumber sawing with Rudy Adams in charge, drew the attention of interested spectators. Most of the steam engines including Erwin Morrel's 15 HP Advance ran by Florian C. Karl; Joe Selly with his 22 HP Advance and John Schoening's 50 HP Case took turns on the lumber saw and the threshing machines.