| January/February 1972

  • Russell engine
    This is a 12 HP Russell engine owned and operated by Arthur Kreuger of Belle Plaine, Minnesota. At the moment it was operating a 28 inch thresher at the 1971 Scott-Carver Show. Mr. Krueger is shown on the deck. Courtesy of John Hays, 1511 Iglehart, St. Pa
    John Hays

  • Russell engine

1511 Iglehart St. Paul, Minnesota 55104.

The Scott Carver show was held Sept. 25th and 26th at Jordan, Minnesota.

Saturday, the opening day, was marred by intermittent rain showers which receded during the afternoon allowing some activity to take place despite the threat of moisture laden clouds.

Five large steam traction engines beside one geared to a truck chassis and a half-size 20 H.P. Case engine made up the heavier steamers. Two small model steam engines were real attractive. The largest one was belted to a small buzz saw.

Lumber sawing was in progress with Joe Selly of St. Peter, Minnesota, furnishing the power with his trusty 22 H.P. Advance engine. Usually Joe fires with straw, but this time he was burning slabs.

Other activity on this wet Saturday afternoon was a corn shredding project in action. Powered by a 10-30 McCormick Deering tractor, Ralph Kerkow was operating a 4-roll Rosenthall corn husker and shredder.