The Second Annual Old Timers Reunion

| May/June 1975

North Carolina 27233

The second annual Old Timers Reunion Show was held July 6 and 7, 1974 by the Old Time Historical Association at their showgrounds in Climax, North Carolina.

Saturday, July 6, 1974 began with rain which fortunately lasted only a short time and then we had sunshine for the rest of the two day show.

More than ten thousand people from as far away as California attended this year's show. The rain probably cut our attendance by 25% in quantity but not in quality. A finer group of people I've never seen at any show. They behaved well and enjoyed themselves.

Jack Johnson of Siler City, North Carolina was here again this year with his excellent Frick 6-3/4 x 9 double cylinder traction engines, ser. #23176. Jack acquired his engine from Albert Cooper of Maryland a while back and takes good care of it. Jack got the show off to a good start by belting up to our Moffit sawmill and several Old Timers took turns at the level to saw a nice pile of lumber. We had plenty of good logs and the sawmill was running most of the time! Our Moffit sawmill was manufactured in Sanford, North Carolina, many years ago and we have it set up permanently under a shed. The mill has been restocked and is in excellent condition.

Then came the wheat threshing with Mr. J.S. Ferree, Sr., 80 years young, setting up his Frick all steel machine and Frick 8-1/2 x 10 portable engine. His grandson Donald Neal Ferree was his engineer. Mr. 'J. S.,' as his friends call him, still enjoys threshing and hearing the steam engines work. Donald Ferree is only 21 but he is already a very good engineer even down to refluing boilers.