| July/August 1963

  • Old doll a pro at drilling

  • Old doll a pro at drilling

Minneapolis, Kansas

The old bay is still what she used to be, says Leonard Dwinell, a Palmyra, Neb. well driller.

The veteran well man (left), his son, Lonnie (center), and a helper, Elmer Hill, also of Palmyre, were drilling for water beside a new, brick country home near Bennet, Neb., when interviewed. Lonnie said they had considered getting a motor-driven rig but then vetoed the idea because 'you can't beat a horse on a rock.'

'She knows enough to stop when the drill hits one,' he explained. 'A motor would just keep running and tear up things.'

The bay mare, Old Doll by name, is more a part of the crew than she is a part of the machinery, Dwinell said.

'She is kind of a professional at this. It's the only work she does,' he added.