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The Shepherd of the Hills

R.F.D. I, Iowa Falls, Iowa 50126

I enjoy your Album so much and always look a lot at the

As a young man I enjoyed the book, ‘The Shepherd of the
Hills’, written by Harold Bell Wright. I was very much
interested in the account of ‘Old Matt’s’ little engine
and sawmill plus the grist mill.

Last winter my wife and I visited our daughter living at Table
Rock Dam, Missouri. While there I learned that the ‘Shepherd of
the Hills’ country was only a few miles from there on Highway
76 west from Branson, Missouri, only about 7 to 9 miles. Also that
Old Matt’s possessions had been preserved almost to the letter.
I don’t know whether this will interest anyone else as it did
me, but below are a few snaps that we took while there.

  • Published on Mar 1, 1967
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