| November/December 1977

1710 Walnut Street, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 17011.

The eighteenth annual show of the Williams Grove Historic Steam Engine Association opened Sunday, August 28 and closed Labor Day after setting another record for attendance and variety.

'More than 15,000 visitors were on hand to enjoy our Horse and Buggy Day program, Sunday, August 28,' reported Harold Scheib, association president. 'This proved to be a good indication,' he continued, 'total attendance for the eight days was just a shade higher than that in 76 which was a record year.'

The variety of steam-operated machinery and farm equipment included 36 large traction engines; 2 portables; 4 small (model); 2 steam water pumps from the Newville, Pa. Water Company; a working Corliss stationary engine; a steam crane from the Schmidt & Ault Paper Company, York, Pa., an old International truck chassis with a Huber boiler mounted for steaming tobacco beds; a big boiler to furnish steam for the Corliss and a large display of miniature steam engines of all sizes and shapes, plus a small Troy engine from the paper company in York.

Farm equipment powered by steam included various individually owned threshing machines, a sawmill, a shingle mill, a corn binder and stone crusher.

A wide variety of different makes of steam engines included the well-known Case, Minneapolis, Buffalo-Pitts, Baker, Frick, Keck-Gonnerman, Peerless, Avery, Huber, Russell and Kitten, plus accessories, such as water wagons, etc.