| July/August 1956


H. G. Nachtrab & Son of Box 113, Holland, Ohio, have obtained permission from the editor of 'Ford Farming,' Mr. Ben T. Logan, for us to reprint the following: story. The Nachtrab's thought you would enjoy it and we do too. They also suggested using steam engine where tractor appears. Mr. Logan may not like this liberty but it sounds so much more musical to we steam fans.

OUT ON 'Seldom Seen Ridge' they still talk about that year the shredder stayed all winter at our place, We were the last job on the Ridge and the steamer, shredder and operator, a man called 'Nubbin'', were all getting old.

Trouble began on the first load. The belt broke, flipped out and whacked Nubbin alongside the head. Nubbin had a temper that would peel paint off a barn and he had a heavy hammer in his hand. He let out a yell, reared back and let go at the shredder. The hammer clanged into the spokes of a pulley and pieces began to fly.

When Nubbin got the shredder fixed the tractor wouldn't run right. Day after day the neighbors came over and hooked their teams onto the loads of corn they'd left the day before. Some days, a half dozen loads would run through before anything went wrong. The trouble and Nubbin's temper always got worse together. At first he'd push and jerk at things, kind of at random, but the end was always the same. His face gone bright red, Nubbin would start jumping up and down and slamming away at the offending part with his big hammer.

That would end shredding for the day.