| March/April 1960

There was old Dan Booth of famous
On Case engines he was sure among
the best,
Took his monkeywrench and pliers
And a bunch of old hay wires
Soon had Gil's Case a-runnin' with
the rest!

Old Pete Eastenson was there --
Mike Stromness pulled his hair
As Pete played his 'wild-cat' whistle
loud and clear,
How the neighbors gathered round
When they heard that awful sound,
And they came a-runnin' from both far
and near!

Oh, Prans Hoover was the first I can
Then Jim Thompson came along with
his Advance,
The Session boys had fun
While the Hays boys toted guns --
And they almost shot Jack Sessions
in the pants!

Oscar Lee bent over low
Begged me to give him a blow
For selling his steam engine all for
For he said he was not jokin'
And he sure did feel like crokin',
But we knew that it was all a lot of

Willard Jackson put oil burners in his
Steamed it up and drove it all around
the place,
Drove it up to Verner Grorud's
Heard it puff way down to Morud's,
Brother Earl came by and sure did set
the pace!

Many people are amazed
By the old-time thresher days
And to see these old steam engines get
such care,
In the magazines and papers
They all tell about our capers,
And they'll no doubt have a steamer
at the fair!