The Spring Grove Steam Show Gang

| May/June 1974

RD1, Levanna, Aurora, New York 13026

The 7th Spring Grove Steam Show, held July 21 and 22, 1973 was the scene of many attractions. The Stone Flour Mill powered by steam, operated by Carl Buckout and his son, Don, of Poplar Ridge, sold over ? ton of wheat flour. Dave and Barbara Conroy, kept their Steam Boat in continuous use giving rides on the farm pond. Gas Engines were owned, beautifully restored, and operated by Hiram Thruston and Harold Stupp, both from Cayuga. A model Steamer built by George Hildrith of Genoa, was used as power to run the Model Case built by Mr. Luzerne Ball of Tarpon Springs, Florida. They made very nice looking bales of Lawn Clippings. The Drag Saw operated by Arthur Norton and Wood Splitting was demonstrated by Earl Kelsey, both from Onondaga Hill. The Shingle Mill was operated by Milton Skinner of Geneva and Sheep Shearing was done by Edgar Sanders with the help of his sons and Bill Hitchcock. Our 18 horse Birdsall, powered the Stone Crusher and the results were placed on the drive way by the horse drawn Dump Wagon. Dad, his team, and the horse drawn Road Grader, operated by George Murphy of Marcellus, smoothed out the crushed stones.

Cannons that were replicas of the Revolutionary War were owned and operated by Allen Hoxie of Genoa and John Sarnicola of Auburn. The Donkey engine was demonstrated by Brad Hitchcock and Dick Cornell of Unions Springs, to show how easily it could handle logs. Threshing was done with the help of everybody, with our Chief Engineer Edmond S. Worden of Senaca Falls the straw was later put into three wire bales by our Ann Arbor 17x22 Baler and here again Ed Worden, Chief Engineer, with a 8-1/2 x 10 Frick Steam Engine.

Floyd Simmonds brought his model Case Engine that was enjoyed by all. Don Skinner and Bill Hitchcock ran the Model T. Pick-up truck drawing the blocks of wood from the Drag Saw to the Shingle Mill and also they brought the Sheep for Shearing from the pasture with the help of Scott Arnold. Rides were given by Ray Boles from Ludlowville with his fine team of ponies; and Key Ryan from Aurora, with his fine pair of horses, Key also ran the McCormick Reaper, to cut Rye and it was later hand bound by Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Bush and Earl Klock and others gave a try which helped out a lot. These bundles were later picked up and threshed by many willing hands.

Albums were sold by Dayton Nichols of Stafford, N.Y., Printing was done by W. E. Morrison from Ovid, N.Y.; Dowzing was done by Mr. Winchester and Walter Rewald.

Ward O'Hara of Auburn, brought his Model T. Station Wagon and Old International Truck. He and Ralph Snyder of King Ferry, gave many rides.