The Steam Engine ... A Portrait of Her Beauty!

| January/February 1975

  • Rumely 16-48 HP
    [The following article was sent to us by James O. Johnson, Dane, Wisconsin 53529. Many thanks to him and to Sheila Roznos and the Baraboo News Republic, Baraboo, Wisconsin for permission to use the picture and story.

  • Rumely 16-48 HP

James tells us the engine in the picture is an M. Rumely 16-48 HP -one of the very last of this model to be built - Engine No. 6832.]

You received a caressing touch there, a generous squeeze of grease here; then you were primped, polished, and lovingly and carefully loaded onto a flat-bed truck to be brought here to the Sauk County Fairgrounds for the Tenth Annual Steam and Gas Engine Show, August 17-19.

You will be admired, fondled, and considered by throngs throughout this weekend.

You will be intimately patted, and proudly and tenderly referred to as 'She'. They will parade your massive black beauty and display you in all your steaming glory, as you perform that snorting, smoking, belching service that only you can deliver in your inimitable style. Hulling, pulling, shredding, threshing and sawing, you'll captivate your audience with your provocative demonstration of seething power, still to thrill another generation.

The heat and stench from your boiler will not affend or discourage your admirers. On the contrary, your smoke, and screams that pierce the air and ear will command even more respect, as men stand in silent and mysterious awe of you.

You are cherished, treasured and coveted by a growing number of steam devotees, and your place and importance in history is secure and respected.