| January/February 1977

  • Iron Men Album Magazine

  • Iron Men Album Magazine

Many of our readers have expressed an interest in learning more about the members of the Stemgas Family the faces and personalities behind I.M.A. and G.E.M. Starting with this issue and continuing over the next several issues, we will publish personality profiles of each.

Anna Mae has been associated with Stemgas Publishing Company for 19 years ever since September 16, 1957 when the Rev. Elmer Ritzman, founder of the firm, came to see her to ask her to help him.

'It will only take 15 minutes a day,' said Elmer as they sat on Anna Mae's front porch in Enola, Pa. It was a pleasant late summer day and Anna Mae remembers it as if it were yesterday.

He explained that Iron-Men, his only magazine at the time, was being printed in Port Royal, and the man who kept his books was very ill.

Anna Mae assented, and the '15 minutes a day' became hours and hours, and days and days, and 19 very full years of doing all sorts of work on both I.M.A. and GEM, and developing a warm and human touch with readers all over the world.

'Ed (her husband) and I cranked envelopes out and filed them on the floor by states,' she recalls.