The Steam Show At Antique Acres

| May/June 1969

16-60 Reeves double Engine

Courtesy of Andy Fischels, Vice-President of Antique Acres, 309 Linden Avenue, Waterloo, Iowa 50703. John Sunder Meyer of Readlyn, Iowa and his 16-60 Reeves double simple at Antique Acres.

Andy Fischels

309 Linden Avenue Waterloo, Iowa 50703

Antique Acres, located four and one half miles North of Cedar Falls, Iowa, on U.S. Highway 218, is a Corporation involving twenty-one (21) people owning various amounts of stock, and eighty (80) acres of land, buildings and most of the equipment. There are also many non-members that show with us.

Steam equipment at the show is owned by such people as Smolik Bros., Ed and Ray. They have a 40-140 Reeves plow engine with a 14 bottom

John Deere plow on the grounds. Also, they are exhibiting a Phoenix logging engine. At home in Osage, Iowa, they have a 110 HP Case Steamer, completely restored and a 120 HP Rumely side and center crank steamer still being restored.

They also have some antique cars of rare vintage, still to be restored.

John Sunder Meyer, has a 16-60 Reeves double simple steamer. Bill Ries of Long Beach, California, has a 80 HP Case, a real beauty. Shelby and Dean Ballinger show a 20 HP Minneapolis and 20 HP Rumely. C. J. Murphy of Council Bluff, Iowa, has a 20 HP Illinois. A 22-70 HP Avery under mounted steamer is owned by the Acres. Also a 60 HP Case steamer belonging to the Estate of the late Frank P. Schaefer.