| November/December 1980

What do you look for in a book about steam? The story of engines? The story of the men who planned and built them? The story of the business enterprise itself? The story as related in pictures?

If you answer yes to any or all of the questions, you'll be fascinated by the book titled 'The Story of The Steam Plough Works' written by Michael R. Lane, past president of the National Traction Engine Club of Great Britain.

The book tells just about everything you'll want to know about the company founded by John Fowler, which in the years from the mid-1850s into the early 20th Century became a giant in its industry only to vanish into oblivion.

This 410-page book is a giant comparable to the Fowler business81/2' wide, 12' deep, weighing 4 pounds, and full to the brim with facts, figures, inside information, diagrams and photographs.

It arrives under excellent auspices. It is published by Mechanical Engineering Publications, Ltd., which is publisher to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers of Great Britain. The Society of Automotive Engineers is exclusive distributor in the United States and Canada.

If there is any criticism, it is that the book brings an over-abundance of information an 'embarrassment of riches' which may overwhelm some readers. But no one can complain that the book fails to keep the promise of its title. The author deserves applause.