| January/February 1969

Rt. 2, Box 178B Westminster, Maryland 21157

The Thirteenth Annual Steam Show of the Maryland Steam Historical Society, Upperco, Maryland, was held at the Arcadia Fire Department show grounds, Arcadia, Maryland, on Septmeber 12, 13, 14, and 15, of 1968.

The weather was in our favor, engines and other show material began arriving on Wednesday, the 11th of September. The first day was one of excitment--the love of steam engines, with the odor of steam engine oil and coal smoke. One young blood, Bill Burke, had to prove that his engine was ready for the show. Bill belted his engine to the fan. He burnt every shovel of coal available and began to fire up on wood, just for the pleasure of hearing the melodious sound of his 9 x 10 Frick exhaust, to smell the perfume of steam engine oil and coal smoke. Bill put on a good exhibition of his ability to keep his 9 x 10 Frick hot and puffing. Food and soft drinks arrived; the kitchen and eating stand were set up under the expert supervision of Bob Gearheart. Some of the ladies were getting used to a new system of satisfying the hungry personnel who now had to line up and be served cafeteria style. Those served paid at the end of the line--this proved successful throughout the show.

The flea Market people were busy setting up their stands displaying anything you can name or imagine.

There has never been a more varied display of gas engine, large and small, even a gas engine converted and operated on steam-the work of the 'Wizzard of Fowblesburg'.

New steam traction engines, built to exact scale, made their appearance. A Case model, built this year by the same 'Wizzard of Fowblesburg', excelled in performance on the fan. It ran so hot and hard that the exhaust burnt off the paint on the smoke stack. One failure occurred; the Fowblesburg Special after two days of hard running, stripped a spider gear. She remained a center of attraction for young and old the rest of the show.