| May/June 1957

  • The two blower thresher at work
    The two blower thresher at work.

  • The two blower thresher at work

Rock Valley, Iowa

I saw a photograph of a thresher with two blowers at Marvin Green's home, Boyden, Iowa and I asked to borrow it. I had reprints made of it and I enclose one of them.

I never knew before that there were two blowers on any thresher so I inquired and it seems that around 1900 some of these blowers were used.

I wrote to Marcus Leonard, Salina, Kansas, and asked him if he knew anything about them. He replied that about 1898 he operated a thresher with what he called a Radcliff blower and said it operated easier than the single blower as a three inch shaft would operate the blower. I also talked to a man in Zion City, Iowa, and he said he hauled bundles to a machine northeast of Fargo, North Dakota in the Red River Valley of Minn-nesota about 1936. He said this was an old hand fed thresher but he was only a young man at that time and was not interested much in the machine.

I also asked Marvin Green of Boy-den, Iowa, where I got the photograph, for a story and he said he had none as he had gotten the collection of pictures from his uncle who was now dead. He said he would like information on this type of blower

If any of you can give more information on this type of blower write to William Gayer, Rock Valley, Iowa; Marvin Green, Boyden, Iowa, or the IRON-MEN ALBUM, Port Royal, Pa, We shall be glad to give this information to the readers.