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Some time this summer of 1973, a group of interested people
decided to perpetuate the romance of steam power by organizing a
group consisting for the most part of those people who in some way
were connected to the Mennonites who were responsible for Turkey
Red wheat in our area (Kansas). When they fled Europe for various
reasons, it is said that each although he was pressed for space,
brought a bushel of the precious wheat seed.

On October 20 at 61st and Hillside in Wichita, Kansas, the group
held their first show, on a small five or six acre plot surrounding
the shop of one of the greatest boosters, Tom Terlinger. He has a
Case model that was run continually by his small son. There were
several models, from Florence, Hillsboro Garden City and others.
Each one was a monument to the dedication and precision of people
who are determined to keep the tradition of steam and steam
threshing memories alive and to keep children acquainted with

This show was different from any other steam show we have ever
attended for that very fact, nearly all of the people interested
were young, and children well versed in the jargon of steam, ran
every where, drove the small models and enjoyed the Baker Fan
tests, and other feats as much as older.

Mr. Terlinger told me that next year they plan a much larger
show with regulation size engines, perhaps to thresh and do all the
things other such shows have. But, because of transportation and
costs, this was just a show of the intricately built models.

  • Published on Jan 1, 1974
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