| January/February 1953

Mr. John Loffelmacher sends us a copy of the October 13, 1952 New Ulm Journal of Sew Ulm, Minn., and we take a part of an article which we think will be of interest to you. Ed.

A farmer who was given far less than an ever break for recovering from an accident three weeks ago watched with delight Saturday as more than 40 of his friends and neighbors plowed his fields.

Wallace Mecklenburg's chest was crushed when his tractor tipped over in loose gravel. He was rushed to Loretta Hospital, New Ulm, for emergency treatment.


Mecklenburg returned to his home last week, but is still unable to do any work. That's When his neighbors decided that something had to be done to keep the farm going.

Before the snow balling move slowed down, 25 farmers brought 25 tractors to the Mecklenburg farm. Another 18 neighbors were on hand to supply food and help out in many other ways.

The young farmer's 40 acres were plowed in less than three hours. Most of those pitching in to do the job said they took their time and had a lot of fun comparing tractor performance and matching 'fancy plowing skills.'