The Yesteryear Farm of Memories

The museum building is a relatively new structure.

| September/October 1974

1511 Iglehart, St. Paul, Minn. 55104

It was a crisp November evening when my wife and I and our young friend, John Mulfort, drove from our home in the Midway area in St. Paul to the Magnuson Museum at Center City, Minnesota.

The 'Yesterfarm of Memories Museum' is located on the 125 acre farm owned by Dennie and Hazel Magnuson, a husband and wife team who organized the museum in 1966. The farm is seven miles northeast of Lindstrom, Minnesota, 1/2 mile north of Co. Road 20. Motorists from the East follow No. 20 to eight miles northwest of Taylors Falls. Dennie and Hazel are progressive people. 'Our main object,' he told me, 'is to acquire, restore, if necessary to set the scene of yesterday; the things the pioneers used in their homes, their work, for worship and entertainment.'

Ole Anderson homesteaded the farm which was purchased in 1871 by Dennie's father, Peter Magnuson. Migrating to Minnesota from Ohio, the Magnusons soon became quite attached to their new home as well as the surrounding community.

The area, now comprising the communities west of Taylor's Falls, or the areas of Lindstrom, Center City and Almelund, became almost ninety-five percent Swedish as the Swedish emigrants kept coming in the late 1800's and continued into the twentieth century. However, the trend soon changed. Young people went away to school and found employment elsewhere; others drifted away and found jobs until now the area is sprinkled with several different nationalities, most of whom are employed in the Twin Cities and suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Beginning with the beautiful St. Croix River Valley at Taylor's Falls, it is a scenic locality well worth any vacationer's time it takes to drive through it. From the Twin Cities, it's about a half-hour drive on I 94 to 35 E to Lindstrom. Dennie said if we'd stop at the Standard Station in Lindstrom, they could direct us to his private drive.