| January/February 1969

1511 Iglehart Avneue St. Paul, Minn. 55104

The 1968 Zumbro Thresher's Association reunion was held August 31 and September 1 and 2 in co-operation with the Budenski brothers on their farm, the show area.

The farm is located among gentle rolling hills about eight miles south west of Wanamingo and about the same distance northeast of West Concord, in a typical productive farming area of Minnestoa.

The location where the show is held is ideal. It comprises about eight acres of beautiful level blue grass pasture, bounded on the west by a healthy stream from which water is pumped for the steam engines, and for cooling the oil and gas tractors and gas engines.

The farm buildings are located on a low hill directly north of the show area. Here a large red basement barn stands with its new paint glistening in the sun and the white farm house in the background half abscured by large shade trees, along with other buildings, make up?

This is the four hundred and forty acre home site of Edward, Robert and Albert Budenski, all bachelors who live together.