The Zumbro Valley Show

| January/February 1970

1511 Iglehart Avenue St. Paul, Minnesota 55104

The Zumbro Valley Threshers Association's 15th Annual Steam and Tractor show was held August 30th and 31st and September 1, 1969, on the Budenski, Brothers farm, West Concord, Minnesota.

The sight of the show is perfect. It is a fine level blue grass pasture partly surrounded by low hills. A never-failing steam of water flows through the pasture, forming the West boundary of the show area. It supplies an abundance of water for the steam engines and for cooling the gas engines and tractors. Trees cover the hills to the South and East. To the Northeast, just across the pasture fence lies an acreage of very level stubble field. In this field, plowing is done with steam engines, tractors and horses. There is another field available, however, to the northwest of the show area, just in case crop rotation in the future closes this field to plowing.

The Budenski farm buildings are located on a low hill directly north of the show area and to the west of them a private road leading from the main road leads to the northwest corner of the show site which is the entrance.

Ample parking space is available, and the visitors are soon attracted by many items of interest.

Most people who come to a steam and tractor show are interested in the various demonstrations. Threshing no doubt heads the list of what they like to see, and a demonstration of it draws their attention each day.