The Zumbro Valley Show

| January/February 1972

1511 Iglehart St. Paul, Minn. 55104.

On September 25th and 26th, 1.971, the Zumbro Valley Thresher's Association staged their seventeenth annual event. It was held as usual at the Buden-ski Bros, farm, eight miles south of Wanamingo, Minnesota, on Hiway 57. The two day show was successful although there was some threat of rain on Sunday forenoon. However, the clouds broke away about noon and the afternoon was filled with activity.

At noon the whistles from five steam traction engines screamed through the valley as well as the ears of the spectators. During the afternoon, oat bundles were hauled in, being loaded on flat rack farm wagons.

Threshing was done with Budenski's 36 inch cylinder Red River Special separator. Steam engines and big tractors furnished the power.

Axley Bros. Lumber saw was in operation as it has been other years at the show. It gave the big steamers something to puff about as the saw walked through big logs.

Steam and gas tractors took turns on a prairie, 8 bottomed plow in an adjoining stubble field.