Then Came Along The Engine Built For Two

| November/December 1972

Route 1, Box 280, Hazelwood, Missouri 63042.

From before my time and into the 1930's traction engines were a familiar sight and were extensively used in a section of Missouri known as Saline County.

With improved design of the internal combustion engine and changing methods of harvesting small grain by the late thirties they had all but disappeared from the scene.

It had been more than thirty years since smoke from a traction engine's stack or the sound of their exhaust had penetrated the air in that leisurely rural central section of Missouri, until along came the engine built for two.

For those that may care to read along as I write I would love to relate the pleasures that were mine last August the 21st as my son and I drove through what had been the land of my youth, riding on the engine built for two.

In that same locality, sixty five years earlier, my life had its beginning. In the same region, all of sixty years ago, the traction engine had found an exceptional fondness within me.