| May/June 1968

ROGERSVILLE James Watt couldn't have been more pleased when he first invented it than two 'old-timers' from over Pleasant Hill way are with their steam engine.

The two are Gene Goan, who actually owns the 1886 model ,and C. B. Arnott 'he's a life-long steam engine man.'

GETTIN' UP STEAM-C. B. Arnott, standing, and Gene Goan, Hawkins County farmers, brought their 1886 model steam engine to the Pleasant Hill Fair Saturday. Arnott is the engineer, Goan the fireman, when they run their antique for curious onlookers.

Arnott has been operating steam engines for 45 years on thrashers, saw milling, silo filling, shredding.

This particular engine has belonged to Goan for 40 years and he used it in pasteurizing milk in his plant which he ran for years, bottling milk and selling it from Persia to Morristown and Bulls Gap.

The two were running their steam engine full blast at the Pleasant Hill Community Fair Saturday, and all the youngsters were crowding around, watching them feed the monster with wood and building up steam, running it a little while. When they blew those whistles, fingers went into ears in a hurry. 'He's the engineer, I'm the fireman,' quipped Goan as he threw another slab of wood into the engine.