They Had A Dream

| September/October 1969

  • Elijah McCoy

  • Elijah McCoy

Courtesy of Floyd W. Cook, 410 Hamilton, Washington, Illinois 61571

'Copyright 1969, The Los Angeles Times - Reprinted with its permission.'

I am sure readers of the Iron-Men Album would be interested in hearing about a great Negro inventor, Elijah McCoy, developer of drip lubricators and other oiling systems. Imagine having to stop a steam engine or threshing machine once in a while to oil it, as they had to do before his inventions.

Also, all you steam engine men, as you look upon the steam dome of your engine, reflect awhile upon this great Negro mechanic who made it possible.

We appreciate the permission from the Los Angles Times to reprint this article - Anna Mae.

Elijah McCoy was a pioneer in the development of lubricating systems for industry and transportation as the Industrial Age was dawning in America.