| March/April 1966

9615 - 87 St., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I found the short remarks about the Beddedahl Bros., Phoenix Log Hawler, (Dairyland Driftings) May and June, 1965 most interesting. I was hired on to help repipe a new boiler in the planning mill in '23, but seems they had enough help. I ended up doing odd jobs around the mill, though I had my steam papers.

I believe that worthy gentleman icing the roads will remember the night they captured 'Bill McCann.' He had killed a man the summer before and they were moving him from Hayward to Wampum for life sentence. He walked out of jail and was captured the next night in Couderay in his son's home.

Getting back to logging, I was asked to steer the Phoenix in her daily log hauls, but declined as it was a darn cold job.

Thomas Tompson will remember when they put a green steersman on the 'Phoenix' and he got her crosswise on the road. Seems that the engineer cut the throttle instead of giving her more. I guess them old

sleighs piled up like boxcars and made quite a mess. No one was hurt.