Farm Collector

Third Annual Reunion

Charleroi, Pennsylvania

On September 28, 1957, one hundred interested persons attended a
steam threshing day staged by M. Dean Fullerton at his farm near
Burgettstown, Pa. Three engines and a thresher and baler and a fan
were used throughout the day for the entertainment of those in
attendance. The event was held again in 1958 and rain held the
crowd to a minimum.

On September 25-26, 1959, a somewhat different scene took place.
With eleven engines and splendid weather for two days, about 2500
people from the tri-state area witnessed what was considered to be
one of the finest demonstrations of its kind ever held in this
district. The event marked the third annual reunion of the
Tri-State Historical Steam Engine Association.

Ample parking facilities, a lunch stand and two well-planned
days of activities afforded the throng in attendance a very
enjoyable time. Daily demonstrations of threshing, baling, sawing,
feed grinding and silo filling, all with steam power, kept the
crowd amazed at the ease with which these old farm implements
performed their work as it was done many years ago. A fan and daily
parades of all equipment added to the entertainment. In addition,
old time tractors and several small stationary and model engines
were in operation.

The engines were of both the traction and portable type and
included such names as Frick, Baker, Port Huron, Keck-Gonnerman,
Advance-Rumely, Scheidler, Huber and Case. Old time tractors shown
were Oil-Pull, IHC Titan and Waterloo Boy. Threshers shown were
Frick, Huber and Geiser. An 8? x 10 Frick Portable engine kept the
sawmill in operation throughout the show and a Buhr mill was used
in grinding feed. A 50 Case shown was the same engine that made the
parade route through the downtown and North-side streets of
Pittsburgh on June 13 during the huge Bi-Centennial Parade.

The officers and directors of the Association were well pleased
with the fine support given by those who attended and the
successful venture assured the continuation of even bigger and
better Reunions for the future. They wish to commend the Mt.
Pleasant Farm Women’s Society who furnished food to the large
number in attendance. Membership in the association continues to
swell the rolls and a bright future is forecast for the
newly-formed organization.

Officers of the Association are: President, C. R. Fullerton;
Vice-President, C. H. Lightfoot; Secretary, Paul F. Crow;
Treasurer, Leo G. Whaley. In addition, are the following directors:
Tracy Lewton, John Herron, M. Dean Fullerton, Earl Hamilton, John
Sell, Paul Kabo, Glenn Fullerton and H. T. Fleming.

  • Published on Mar 1, 1960
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