| November/December 1966

  • 13 HP Gaar-Scott
    Courtesy of Earl J. Robinson, Collins, Iowa 13 HP Gaar-Scott - see letter
    Earl J. Robinson

  • 13 HP Gaar-Scott

Collins, Iowa

Dear Elmer,

After reading in one your magazines that we should send more articles, I have thought for a good while of writing you-so here goes.

It's a Monday morning and I usually start off the morning by watching the Today show on TV. I suppose it would be interesting this morning with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee meetings and with President Johnson in Honolulu.

I know it takes some doing to get off an article. I would rather start building a model steam engine- -but that too takes SOME doing and I don't even have the tools. To build an engine would first take some drawings and patterns and what-not, or you would have a funny looking engine when you got through. I don't know that I even have a very good chain of thought to start with, though I lay awake in bed a couple of hours this morning thinking back - you said to write anything just as if you were talking.

I might start my letter around a picture of a 13 HP Gaar-Scott which I showed you at Mt. Pleasant in 1962. By its unusual looks you said it might be a good picture to put in magazine and have readers guess about. Well, I am sending another picture of this engine taken later when the engine was being junked. Hope it is good enough!