This Is The Answer

| January/February 1971

Ste 803, 777 Cardero St., Vancouver, 5, B.C.

Concerning the article entitled 'What May This Develop' in the March-April Iron-Men Album regarding the unusual Reeves 32 H.P. steamer destroyed in a fire near Kokomo, Indiana in 1947, you will all be pleased to know how readily and fully the questions were solved in this regard and also how readily the Iron-Men Magazine cut down our vast mileages to size.

Mr. Jerome Peiffer of Belgium, Wisconsin wrote me stating the motor was a Keck Gonnerman. Of this I had been suspicious when writing the article, and Mr. S. G. Sunday of Modoc, Indiana, wrote giving me quite a complete history of the engine's owners and for what they had used it. To both these gentlemen we all owe them our gratitude for their kind help.

Engine 8091 was bought somewhere in the St. Cloud, Minn, area and taken to near Sycamore, Indian where the owner for some reason wished to install another motor and had Keck Gonnerman place one of their doubles thereon, but higher from the boiler and farther ahead than the Reeves motor and incorporating some of the Keck features never found on a Reeves and prompting the article above referred to.

The engine then was used for some threshing around Sycamore, some excavating work north of Logansport and later in a sawmill at Walton, Indiana and it was at this location where it was destroyed, not at Kokomo as previously reported.

Some few years ago I read an article stating that Reeves equipped some of their engines with the Grimes valve gear. They may have, but now it seems to me some person may have seen No. 8091 and could have come to the wrong conclusion!