| March/April 1982

  • Advance-Rumely

  • Advance-Rumely

This letter is from Thomas H. Woodard, 3025 Opossum Run Road, Rt. 10, Mansfield, Ohio 44903; telephone 419-756-4445. He owns an Advance-Rumely 1919, 18 HP, serial #15278.

He writes: 'I purchased the engine in 1952 from the late Chas. Harrison of Fredericktown, Ohio. If I remember correctly he got it from two brothers named Bell somewhere west of Columbus, Ohio, and that is where it was sold from.'

It is a good engine--sound boiler and gearing like new.

Mr. Harrison had never run the engine. The water tank and bunker are all new. It now has the original water on the rear instead of the box you see in the picture. Wheels are red; tank and bunker are gray, boiler is black, and the engine and gearing are green and red.

I restored the engine myself, and also a 30-48 Advance Rumely separator to go with it. Both look like new.

I show these at the Dover, Ohio show and the Richland County steam threshers show at Malabar Farm State Park.