Thot's of an Old Frick Engine

| January/February 1972

R. D. 4 Meadville, Pa. 16335

I was built in Pennsylvania
Many, many years ago
I was made of steel and iron
And built to last you know
Now ever since that day
I have lightened mankind's labor

As I went along my way
I and others of my kind
Have made this country great
Now that's no idle dream
What would this land be like today
If it hadn't been for steam?

We plowed the vast prairie
And planted it to wheat
Then ground it into flour
To make the bread you eat
We cut the lumber for your homes
And also hauled your freight

We built the roads across the plains
That link the east and west
No matter what the job was
We always did our best
We powered the ships that sail the sea
And turned the wheels of industry

We asked no wage for the work we did
Our doctor bills were few
Just water to drink and coal to eat
And we sawed your logs
And threshed your grain
We filled your silos too