Thrashin' Day

| September/October 1969

417 Brown Road, Mayville, Michigan 48744

Ruth Uhl demonstrates carding and spinning wool on her antique spinning wheel.

Since our eldest son subscribed to The Iron Men Magazine for my husband, and the first issue arrived about three weeks ago, I have had no peace! Clinton insists that I must write to you about the annual 'happening' here on our old-fashioned 40-acre farm. So being a dutiful wife (at least part of the time) I'll try to get everything in that my husband will expect me to tell.

First, I must explain that everything that has happened was accidental. We don't live from the farm. Clinton is an attendant nurse at a nearby State Hospital to provide a living for our large family. But he was born and raised on the farm, and his first love is farming - in the old fashioned way. He just could not see going into debt to have a few acres of grain combined by a neighbor. And when a friend, who was moving into town, offered him the old grain separator that he used to thresh with years ago, he accepted it gratefully. Then very shortly, our daughter-in-law's father had a grain binder in almost perfect condition which he offered for sale. Of course, Clinton bought it! Going through our small village on the way home with it, our funeral director, Lloyd Black-more (also an ex-farm boy) followed him home.

'What', demanded Lloyd, 'are you going to do with that?'

'Thresh my oats', Clinton answered logically.