Thrashing Day at Nelsons

| July/August 1975

Sr., 4375 W. Oregon Road, Lapeer, Michigan 48446

At Bob Nelson's Farm, 4 miles west of Lapeer, Michigan, was the scene of his 3rd annual 'Day for Thrashing and Sawmilling' on August 3, 1974.

It seems that it always likes to rain on a certain day that you choose for an event and last August 3rd was no exception. It had to rain a little in the morning, just to keep up tradition. (Of course a little rain is welcome, as evaporation is always cooling.)

We were prepared in the event it did rain, as we had our bundles of wheat loaded on wagons and under cover for several days in advance.

As the time of day advanced the clouds cleared and all was well.

Several days before the show, Nelson Scott and Pete Pierson of Ortonville, Michigan came driving in with their 2 Port Huron Steamers and several old time gas tractors. Bill Leach was the engineer on one of their Port Huron's while Pete Pierson did the honors on the other.