| July/August 1971

12498 232 St., Maple Ridge P.O. Haney, B. C, Canada

This past year the Saskatoon Exhibition, The Rodeo & Pion-Era combined to make one show and have it July 13-18 on the Exhibition grounds.

The livestock were very good, the cattle were mostly Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn with some Holstein and Guernsey. They all were in top shape as were the horses and pigs.

The cultural was fine art, painting, etching and photography which taking it on the whole was very good. The commercial displays were housed in another building. Outside there was a young people's orchestra.

There was also the usual midway. Due to this being the first time the three shows were held together, much of the engines and farm machines were left in the Museum, which later on when a new building is erected will be housed on the Exhibition Grounds.

In the Pion-Era part, there was a Reeves 32-110 hp. compound plow engine in excellent shape. I had the pleasure of running this engine and thanks very much Boys; a Reeves double cylinder and eight furrow steam lift plow; 110 American Abell compound; Peerless compound; Waterous steam road roller; 1910 36 hp. Case steam tractor; a 1910 25 hp. Titan gas tractor and a Baker fan as well as a Prony brake some of the engines were on these.