| November/December 1952

Clarksville, Iowa.

I have threshed 55 years with steam power, running 28 years with two complete outfits. I did not get to thresh last year (1951) on account of two new combines coming in my ring and the shortage of help.

I've always owned a Port Huron compound engine and Red River separators with Garden city feeders and 14 foot carriers. I still have one complete out fit in very good condition with a 19 hp. Port Huron engine. I have used the engine on many jobs of steam heating of concrete materials and water for cement floors and walls of new buildings, and state bridges in cold weather. Last year I heated a 10,000 gallon, tank of asphalt used to black-top streets here in Clarksville. This year (1952) in July or August I will have the engine out and heat another car of asphalt.