Luther Caldwell was born Dec. 8, 1888 and passed away Sept. 13,
1957 at the Stewart Nursing Home, Rushville, Indiana.

His final resting place is the Rest Hill Cemetery,

Luther was born on his father’s farm three miles west of
Rushville. He took over his father’s farm at the death of his
father and this was his home his entire life.

His life was spent as a farmer and thresherman, having started
threshing early in life by operating his father’s threshing
outfit. He bought his first outfit in 1898. His first separator was
a small hand fed drag stacker and his first engine was a Frick 10
hp. traction. His nephew Leroy, is now rebuilding this engine.

Mr. Caldwell also owned a Gaar Scott Portable, built in the
1800’s. This engine is now in the museum at Richmond, Indiana.
This portable was shown at the Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana,
Inc., reunion for several years. He also operated a clover huller
and corn shredder for many years.

At home Caldwell operated a large maple syrup camp and community
cider mill and in the western wheat country operated a steam engine
for a few years.

He was a charter member of the Brotherhood of Indiana
Threshermen and a member of the Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana,

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