Threshing Along The Stillwater River, Miami County, Ohio

| November/December 1975

1408 S. Lea, Roswell, New Mexico, 88201

My name is Donald A. Coppock. I was born on October 29, 1916, near the village of Pleasant Hill, Miami County, Ohio, next to the youngest of five children. My parents were also born near this village.

In the year 1910, my Father, Harley Coppock, began working for Lawn Jackson, who lived three miles west of Pleasant Hill on the Hog Path Road. At this time, Mr. Jackson operated two threshing outfits. In 1904 on my Father's twenty-first birthday, Mr. Jackson sold one of the outfits to my Father. Mr. Jackson accepted a note with only my Father's signature.

The engine was 17 H.P., single cylinder, Gaar Scott, Keck Gonnerman separator, factory rebuilt in 1902, Appleton corn husker.

The other outfit Mr. Jackson sold to Joe Hacker. About 1905 Mr. Jackson sold his farm and moved his family to Canada.

No story is complete without a romance. Both my Mother and my Father were employed by Mr. Jackson. They were married in 1905.