Threshing Bee

| January/February 1974

205 E. 5th St., Liberal, Kansas 67901

In July of 1973 an old-time Threshing Bee took place in Fargo, Oklahoma on the John Quincy Adams Farm. There were many people for the festive day which started out with and old-time meal of chicken, ham, beans and all other delicious foods for the visitors and friends.

Afterwards, the Threshing Bee took place in the Adams wheat field by threshing with the forty horsepower Case steam engine and separator. Everyone enjoyed the day feeling like 'old times' again, with the many old-timers there that had used the steam engines as well as the other attractions of the day.

There was a display of cars which belong to the Adams and a collection of many different tractors. The Adams family and some friends dressed in long dresses and bonnets to accent the old-time fashions.

There were people from Texas, Kansas and many other states - as far as Iowa there, besides the Oklahomians for the Old-Time Threshing Day.