Threshing Day

| May/June 1986

111 W. Wilden Avenue Goshen, Indiana 46526

July was hot again. A gentle breeze carried the sweet scent of freshly mown hay. Little animals scurried through the stubble and retreated into deep burrows. A hawk hung motionless in the vast cobalt sky.

From the distance came the whistle of a steam engine. Between whistles you could hear the clear, melodious voice of the polished brass bell, its ring still pristine and strong tolling the approach of the great giant.

Someone had fired up the Avery or the Nichols and Shepard or one of the other monstrous steam engines at the steam museum down on road 1000 North.

Men were working there today, making their presence known in the most joyful way they knew, by blowing whistles and ringing bells.

A group of farmers had organized the LaPorte County Threshermen's Association a few years ago, bought land, put up buildings and began restoring the engines they owned themselves or ran to earth in other parts of the country.