Threshing Hand Says Goodby

Special to The Sentinel

| July/August 1987

  • Sentinel artist Bob Helf
    By Sentinel artist Bob Helf

  • Sentinel artist Bob Helf

The following article was submitted by Joseph Kuester at Clintonville, Wisconsin, who read it in the Milwaukee Sentinel from which it is reprinted by permission.

He came in, slow and heavy. He didn't look around much, but with his heavy woodsman's boots thumped to the coffin.

He made a sign of the cross, his heavy hands dragging slowly across his chest. Then he let them fall in front of him to dangle a red woolen cap.

The smell of the sawdust clung to his clothes, adding another scent to those of flowers and death.

I couldn't help but think of this man's life. He stood there almost as if he were dead, with my father seemingly looking up at him calmly and peacefully.

Nick's work-sloped shoulders heaved a little, and I wondered if he was thinking what I was.