| November/December 1973

R.R. 2, Blue Mound, Illinois 62513

On July 22, 1972 my brother, Kenneth, and his son, Bernard, fired up their Keck Gonnerman engine and we pulled out into the field to thresh wheat. Temperature that afternoon was 94° in the shade - just right for threshing.

We had a large crowd, including my 88 year old Mother came to see us thresh. Some had never seen an engine and separator in operation and a good many had run machines in the old days. Then on August 8, we threshed oats. It was a nicer day, not so hot. Some of the people came back that were there when we threshed wheat.

My wife, Helen, counted about 125 different people that attended the threshing. She served iced tea, lemonade and cookies to all.

Several men and one woman took turns pitching bundles into the separator. When it was all over everyone said they enjoyed seeing the outfit at work. They wanted to know if we were going to thresh again in '73.

My Grandfather Uhll had steam engines when I was born. The first steam engine I can remember was a 10 HP Buffalo Pitts. My father was taking the engine to the Hupp Farm to thresh broom corn and I, being a little boy, rode in the coal box on the engine.