Threshing In November

| January/February 1967

Rothsay, Minnesota

We had about 10 acres of oats to thresh with my 80 HP Case and 40-62 Case Separator on November 6, 1965. The oats had been in the shocks since about the first of August due to an excessive amount of rain and we couldn't get at it until November. We were all surprised that it didn't get hurt worse than it did. We had some typical first day trouble but nothing more than we could handle. It was the first time that I had used the engine since I had restored it, so I guess I could expect to do some readjusting.

I did a big restoration job as the tanks, coal bunkers hitch and all were gone, beside a lot of other work. Those of you who have restored engines know what it is and you also know the satisfaction so I guess that is okay.

The shows here at Rollag and Dalton had bad weather and I really mean bad. Kenneth Bratvold, George Melby and I went down to see Martin Zimack at Ortonville, Minnesota. We watched him thresh with his 25 HP Advance Rumely Universal and 32 inch Minneapolis separator. He had beautiful weather for his threshing and we had a good time.