Threshing in the good ol days

| November/December 1977

Route 2 Box 297 Rochester, Washington.

Early in the morning away before six
I have to get steam up and everything fixed.
The straw racks must turn smoothly without any knocks,
I haven't had time to put on clean socks.

I first have to take the block off of the stack,
Open the fire box door, throw in some wood, and pull the draft back.
Before all this the water glass must be a third full,
Take all precautions for safety is the sore rule.

When the steam comes up just a few pounds,
You can turn the blower on just about one round.
If the fire is good and fire beginning to roar,
You'll see that steam needle now begin to soar.

When you are doing this, you better have on the spark screen,
The engine is getting louder and a fire could be mean.
Take it very calm, use good common sense,
If you were with me, you would know what I meant.

But let me tell you, there certainly is a thrill
To have all that power at hand and to use as will.
When the steam gauge turns to 150 pounds,
You may check everything, and let the separator wheels go round.