| January/February 1979

Old-fashioned threshing bee

Reprinted with permission from The Miami Republican Newspaper. Submitted by Bob Harrington, Box 389, Paola, Kansas 66071.

It was an old-fashioned threshing bee minus the runaways and the big harvest crew dinner. Everything else was the same as if it had been taken from the pages of the 1930s.

An old 1926 10-20 four-cylinder McCormick-Deering tractor purred away pulling a 150' belt which turned the cylinders to an early 1930 model McCormick-Deering separator.

Bundles of oats were tossed into the mouth of the separator. A chain operated feeder fed the bundles into rapidly moving arms which cut the string tie from the bundles and spread the stalks of grain going into the giant stomach of the old separator.

As the stalks of grain moved into the machine a cylinder beat the grain from the stalks and a huge blower blew the straw from the grain.

The straw went flying out the blower and the grain was augered from the bowels of the machine.