Threshing on the Gardner Farm

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R.R. 1 Lakeside, Ontario Canada N0M 2G0

Since my article ‘Custom Steam Threshing’ in the
September/October 1992 IMA, some more water ran under the

Previous to that, in April 1986, Mother died. About a year
later, brother Daniel moved back to Ohio, in the Jeromesville area
on the former Gardner farm at 254 C. R. 1675.

Approximately a year later, Father also moved onto that farm. He
built a nice little cottage and a two story metal and woodworking
shop. This was his retirement pastime. Last spring he died at age
80, nearly 81, after a very busy life.

Just last week, our family got together for the estate sale.
Brother Daniel also sold his cows and most of the farm machinery,
as he sold the farm to Gary Gardner, a son of the former

It so happened about a year and a half ago, the Gardner family
had given a picture to Daniel and he had forwarded it to me. The
picture shows an early threshing crew on this farm. Some things
have changed on the barn since, but it is plain to see it’s the
same barn.

At one time this farm was a ‘show piece.’ The buildings
are still in good condition.

Can anyone identify any of the people in the photo? Whose engine
and separator was it? Also, what year was it? Can anybody respond
through IMA?

This wonderful threshing scene (look at the size of that
strawpil!) was sent to us by our good friend and frequent
contributor Morris Blomgren of Siren, Wisconsin.

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