| November/December 1981

  • Threshing engine

    F. Jay Haynes

  • Threshing engine

We enjoy being able to show our readers the work of outstanding photographers, and feel especially fortunate to show this picture by F. Jay Haynes.

It is 'Threshing by Steam in the Red River Valley,' taken in the fall of 1878.

Haynes was a true pioneer in photography, whose glass negatives caught forever the scenes of his times in the West. He also worked in many other locations, and today's citizens are his beneficiaries.

The Red River photo is among those chosen for a traveling exhibition of his work. A total of 50 was chosen from the approximately 9,000 given to the Montana Historical Society by Haynes' daughter-in-law, Isabel M. Haynes. First showing was held at the museum at Helena.

We are indebted to our cousin, Mrs. John Baucus, of Helena, for making it possible for us to obtain a print, which is shown through courtesy of the Montana Historical Society.

If you have information on the locality of this photo, or reminiscences about threshing in the Red River Valley, please tell us.