Threshing Scene

| September/October 1995

  • Threshing scene

  • Threshing scene

R. R. #13, Box 209, Brazil, Indiana 47834

This photograph is probably of an Illinois threshing scene. Written on the back is the following: '1911Bill Vogelear's Minneapolis 25-75 steamer. 44 x 64' separator with Garden City wing feeders. Bill's nephew, Jake Kleinhesselink, 15, was water boy; following year he was engineer at 16 years of age. This big steamer would pull the separator through potato land as slick as a whistle. Later tractors 40-80' Minneapolis had all they could do to pull separator through plowed field in low gear in 1920. I was five years old when this picture was taken and had to stay inside the garden fence when they pulled on our yard. G.H. Gesink

P. S. For three years I had a 28 x 48' Minneapolis standard thresher and this saved the grain from the straw better than the 36 x 58' Case. After rain they always had green straw pile.'