Threshing Scenes in Art Book

| May/June 1991

  • Threshing Days
    Cover illustration of Threshing Days book. Photo copyright 1990, Estate of Lavern Kammeru
    Lavern Kammeru

  • Threshing Days

Oldtime threshing scenes are captured in glowing color in the paintings of a Wisconsin farmer-artist who showed life as it was.

The scenes of farm life are collected in a book, Threshing Days, published by the Wisconsin Folk Museum in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin.

Lavern Kammerude, born in 1915, started painting what he knew in his 50s, and by the time of his death in 1989 had put together a series which are reproduced in the new book.

With each painting is text by Chester Garthwaite, who describes the activity shown, as well as traditional farm practices, and information on other things that happened with farmers and their farming.

IMA readers will be attracted particularly to the painting of a threshing scene with a steam traction engine in the foreground and horsedrawn wagons doing their part of the job.

Part of the text says: