Threshing The Wheat From The Chaff

| January/February 1971

The reading of Bible prophecy, in both the Old and New Testaments is as graphic as reading the front page headlines of the newspaper today. That is why those who have read and studied Biblical prophecy are able to take the often-too-distressing news of things happening these days more in a matter of stride than those who have not. For one can see all too frequently the mob scenes of long-haired, unruly and unmoral hecklers and law-breakers minorities at the most throwing rocks, rotten eggs, bricks, bottles and bombs at the decent people of the world wherever there happens to be a T-V screen. The student of Bible prophecy says to himself, 'I've read all this was coming and now it is happening, just as the Bible said. But the non-student who never took divine prophecy seriously merely wrings his hands and moans, 'What's happening to this world of ours?'

Sacred scripture long ago said things would be happening as they are. Men would become irreverent, puffed up, conceited, boastful holding nothing sacred, not even God. Things and principles, long established, would be toppled. The Bible described the utter lawlessness and chaos of this age as a 'time of great shaking in the world like it never was before'. We see the dignity of our elected President, the very structure of our government, our campuses, our churches being challenged almost daily by irrascible and unkempt youths who are too lazy to take a bath or shave let alone get a hair cut or lace up a pair of shoes to hide their filthy, grimy feet. Yet they scream obscenities, as if it were wisdom, in the presence of business and legislative executives and professional men who've doggedly steered a course from boyhood failure to adult success merely because they were astute, held high ideals and carved a future for themselves and their nation, under God. They call this 'innocent youth giving voice to its purest ideals'. But the Bible calls it arrogance, boastfulness and conceit an utter lacking in discipline, uprightness and the respect for law and decency. Anyone who has ever witnessed the ugly spectacle of defiant, longhaired youth rioting and bombing a college campus, or a group of hippies jumping and screaming to their raucous, insane so-called 'music' knows what the Bible means when it says, 'There will be a shaking in the land like there never was before.'

It's an ugly scene I've just described, but it's focused in all its cussedness on our front room television screens every day to the extent that many believe there are no fine youth left in our world. Yet the majority are fine, clean kids who go to school and college simply because they feel the need for furthering their education to become someday the leaders in our land. But we never hear about the good and clean and studious ones because the cameras and newspaper headlines are always pointed to the sensational, the chaotic the ones who burn and bomb and even kill their fellow men and desecrate their time-honored institutions while they scream 'peace, love and a better world for all humanity.'

But the Bible says, 'In that day they shall cry peace, but there'll be no peace.' For men in those days shall seek to solve their problems without God.

When I used to read Biblical prophecy, how the earth and the waters would someday become barren and waste, I often asked the question, 'Why would God do that to us?' But today, one of man's most pressing problems, outside of war, and its utter destruction of life and civilization, is the dilemma of our unbalanced ecology a veritable wasting of nature through an imbalance caused by poisons created by man. Just today in the newspaper I've been reading how a large dairy farmer, just south of here, has become so ravaged by a poison chemical in the paint that sealed the silos that the entire 'herd of cattle had to be destroyed to bring a stop to it all. The dairyman's own life and health, as well as that of his family was being threatened with mysterious and unexplained illnesses. All had been in the hospital, or were going to have to go for experimental treatment to find out the source of the poison. The farmer, once a thriving dairyman Who sold Grade-A milk throughout the area, even had to pull down his silos and break up the concrete linings in an attempt to stop the spread of the poison which would yet linger in the soil about his place.

Men, in their scientific egotism today are experimenting with death-dealing poisons, spraying their crops and their herds with toxins that accumulate within living bodies and which eventually reach the sea never to diminish or disperse. Only recently our laboratories discovered that certain vitamins on the market were dangerous to human health. Further studies in trying to locate the cause led to a discovery that dangerous accumulations of chemical poisons (Mercury to be exact) had 'been found in the livers of seals. The vitamins in question had to be recalled and destroyed to protect human life from what was intended to be beneficial to human health.


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