Threshing The Wheat From The Chaff

| July/August 1970

A reader from Orlando, Florida, writes, 'Your religious remarks would be very fitting in any National Council of Churches magazine (they appreciate you belittling God), but away out of line in the Iron-Men Album; this is a steam magazine and let us keep it that way.'

The reader goes on to infer that my boyish prank of 'sneaking out of church after Sunday School' was the reason 'you were valueless as a president of Christian Endeavor and valueless as a teacher.'

The letter concludes, 'I can assure you God is in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Florida. I believe God will take care of Elmer Ritzman. In the last paragraph you infer he may not. (The writer should have capitalized 'He'.) The one person you should be very worried about is Joe Fahnestock, and you can only get in touch with God on your knees.'

'P.S. Save your stamp, no reply necessary.'

First of all, I'm glad to know that God is taking care of Elmer Ritzman as I believe He has been all the time. I am also encouraged to know that God is not only in Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania, but also Florida as I believe He has been all along, including the entire world and the universe. Our first space men to encircle the Moon were inspired of God's presence to read from the Book of Genesis as they surveyed the grand spectacle of our Earth shining in the distant, dark abyss just across the Lunar sphere. And the first thing our returning space men of the ill-fated Apollo Thirteen engaged in was prayer to God in thanksgiving for a safe return from a very hazardous, almost fatal sojourn, bolstered as they were in their darkest hours by the prayers of the faithful here on earth.

As to worrying about Joe Fahnestock let me say that he is the very guy I've been worrying about most ever since I was born, although the Good Book says, 'Take no thought for yourselves. .' 'Pray for your enemies, do good unto them that despitefully use you.'