Threshing The Wheat From The Chaff

| May/June 1972

Well, this past week we've all been to China. We've learned to pronounce once again those old names of cities we used to see on the maps of our grade school geographies Hangchow, Shanghai, Peking. And other names such as Chou En Lai, Mao Tse Tung and Chou Chu Chei, and the like. We did everything but eat with chop-sticks at the Peking Banquet. We watched our President walk the Great China Wall and chitchat with little fat-cheeked Oriental tots. But when he arrived home, the first thing the President did was to tell us we saw more of China in our living rooms, by way of Tel-Star, than he had, being there.

The week before, it was the fighting between the religious factions of Northern Ireland. And the week prior to that we were skiing and bob-sledding down the icy slopes of the mountains of northern Japan. It was all so interesting, so absorbing made possible by American Tel-Star that one could barely get his home work done. It seems that almost every night, every week, the big channels have some spectacular, or a dozen of them all lined up to occupy our personal time.

Just this last Sunday we saw an hour show, entitled, 'Time And The City', sponsored by the American Baptist Hour. It was one of the most interesting, informative and religiously-enriching documentaries we have ever viewed, depicting the history and archeology of the seven Christian Churches the Apostle John wrote to, concerning his vision on the Island of Patmos, as related in Revelations.

'If John had ignored God's mission for him, what might have happened to the early Christian Church in Asia Minor?', summed up the narrator in conclusion.

How many times human nature overlooks the Diving Plan for the trivial. Yet mere living seems to be wrapped up in the trivia of human frailty. So much so, in fact, that, if we are going to continue living our own lives, we will someday soon have to come to grips with that big electric eye in our parlors and know when to shut it off so we can attend to our own living. Otherwise we are rapidly becoming mere digits of the big ABC, CBS, NBC monoliths-reduced to mere alphabet soup, too pre-occupied with the Boob Tube to visit, go to church, read the Bible or take an interest in the schools and our children.

Little did any thresherman in days of yore ever dream he'd see his own President walk on the Great Wall of China, or skiers skiing down the icy crags of Japan, Americans walking on the Moon and dust storms swirling around the craters of the planet Mars right in his living room. Now our scientists are sending a space ship to Jupiter, a journey of twenty-two months and millions of miles. Who knows, we may unravel the mysteries of the Great Red Spot which our most powerful telescopes have been observing on the largest planet in our solar system.


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